Play in a day

[14 May 2012]

26 Year 9’s were involved in the ‘Play in a day’ project on Friday 11th May. Students worked with Konflux Theatre to create an Olympics themed ‘Going for Gold’ play. Students worked all day on a series of ice breaker activities, voice, acting and confidence exercises in order to prepare, write and at times improvise the script for the play. The play introduced the history of the Olympics from its Gladiatorial beginnings to the modern technological and media influenced events we see today. The play was packed with facts as well as some superb acting skills. Students performed the play at the end of the day to 120 year 7 students. The year 7 students were a quality audience throughout and were able to relay the information and answer questions based on the final performance.

The play was a complete success and a number of staff, including Dr Taylor complemented the students on their confident performance. Many thanks to Mrs Clark for supporting the event throughout the day with the students. Please congratulate the following students involved:

Jordan Duncan, Ellie Clarkson, Jodie Morgan, Ellis Saridar, Damian Wade, Aaron Brown, Aimee Butron, Adam Burton, Stacey Foster, Lucienne Goodwin, Dylan Owston, Chloe Robinson, Chelsea Seward, Tom Shearsmith, Alice Taylor, Charlotte Young, Shane Baron, Iestyn Longley, Issak Golder, Jack Lee, Abbie Longley, Brianna Ribbitt, Charlie Smith and Shona Dows.