Pledge Challenge – Week Five

[13 May 2020]

Congratulations and thank you to all those students that submitted entries for last week’s Pledge Challenge. We’ve had nearly a combined 400 entries from students and staff for the first four competitions!

Amazing to see how you’re putting your increased time at home to effective use. Good to know that there are some of the students that will be able to help me redecorate, landscape my garden or cut my hair should the need arise!

Due to the popularity of the competition we were able to offer another three £30 Just Eat vouchers to the lucky winners. Students were selected based on a mixture of quality of entry and random draw.

Week Four Winners:
Lucy Simpson
Cameron Lawson
Hayden Pittock

The challenge for Week Five is for students to READ. Reading is an essential skill and can help improve your knowledge, vocabulary and conversational skills.

Students don’t need to get through all of The Lord of the Rings books to pass the challenge. Any reading will do. It might be a thriller that they’re reading, an autobiography of their hero, an instruction manual for something they’re using at home…

All students need to do is send us a picture or video on e-Mail or by replying to our Twitter post showing them completing the challenge for a chance to win £30 Just East vouchers for them and their family!

All Pledges are designed to increase the personal growth and development of your child.

Test link

Test link