Primary School – Enterprise Event 2019

[22 Nov 2019]

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 Sirius Academy West hosted their own version of The Apprentice for nearly 200 pupils from our local Primary Schools. Pupils from Rokeby, Christopher Pickering, Wheeler, Ainthorpe, Paisley, Eastfield and Newington competed to create, develop and market their own Safari Park. Granted an initial £50,000, teams had to then budget how they would spend the funds on a location for the park, the number and type of animals, and the different attractions required to entertain visitors.

Five teams made it through to the afternoon’s presentation stage where they then had the opportunity to discuss their Safari Park with three Dragons! Teams were questioned about how they had spent their initial budget, the profitability of the park and any unique selling points that would make their park different to others. After some intense discussions Team Panda managed to just hold off the strong challenges of their nearest competitors.

Congratulations to all those that took part in today’s effort. Your attitude and conduct throughout the day was outstanding and a credit to your individual Primary Schools. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Mr Gordon and Miss Lyon.

Test link

Test link