Primary Transition – Y5 Summer Visits

[21 Jun 2019]

This week the academy has hosted the two of five events in June and July for Year 5 pupils in our local Primary Schools. Part of our intensive transition programme, the Year 5 visits enable pupils to explore the academy and develop an understanding of life as a student at Secondary School.

The theme of each visit is based around the pupils starting a journey and they have had the opportunity to travel to different countries throughout the world, such as, China in Science to investigate Fireworks, Russia in PE to participate in their own Winter Olympics, Brazil in Music to join a Samba Band and Mexico in Technology to learn about the Day of the Dead Festival.

Thank you to the pupils from Anlaby Primary School, Acre Heads Primary School and Eastfield Primary School for their outstanding effort and attitude this week. We have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to seeing you all in the future!

The events continue for the next three weeks with nearly 400 Year 5 pupils and eight more Primary Schools set to attend.

For any parents interested in securing a place for their child at the academy in September 2020, and the start of Year 7, please contact us on (01482) 352939.

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