Read Books – Win Prizes!

[26 Jun 2020]

The Open Library has proved a fantastic reading resource during these strange times. Such an enormous amount of books, over a million are available, can be daunting and finding the right book for you is not always easy.

To make things easier, we have created reading lists with suggestions of books for you to work through. Each book is colour coded in order of difficulty, green being more casual reads and red being the most challenging.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, try choosing a book from the Year Group above (just be careful because if they have an * it means they contain content not suitable for under 14s)!

And that’s not all! Any student who submits a detailed book review will be entered into a draw to win a Kindle Fire Tablet! Please email your reviews to a[email protected].

Year 7 Reading List – view here

Year 8 Reading List – view here

Year 9 Reading List – view here

Year 10 Reading List – view here

Year 11 Reading List – view here

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