Regional Street Golf Competition

[17 Jul 2018]

Golf is a game which is regarded as a most elitist sport and difficult for young students to access.

A number of girls in years 9 and 10 from the academy had been involved in an initiative to introduce golf to schools.

The girls had attended Cottingham Parks Golf Club once a week for fourteen weeks in establishing skills related to the game, in putting, chipping and driving. This culminated in a first for the academy to be involved in a ‘StreetGolf Competition’ held at the City Golf Centre, Leeds.

The girls were invited to play pairs golf against two other schools in the Yorkshire region in Vale Academy and Baysgarth School.

A fantastic opportunity for the girls to experience playing on a golf course for the first time!

The paired girls were matched to play golf which is played by each player playing a shot and picking the best from their two attempts. This is commonly known as a Texas Scramble format. The team with the least amounts of shots taken over the nine holes would be the eventual winners.

The girls performed brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed their experience!

Through their endeavours the academy has been offered a wonderful opportunity in being a pilot school for the ‘National StreetGolf Secondary School Pilot Projects’ for 2018/2019. This opportunity allows staff and students to be trained in delivering and playing ‘StreetGolf’. A number of teachers (and potentially young leaders) at the academy will be able to attend a StreetGolf Education Activator Workshop. There will be up to 20 spaces to attend a workshop that will be delivered at Sirius Academy West. This is with a view to using the resources (1X equipment bag, worth £250) to deliver further golf activity either in curriculum time/ after school with more students across the academic year.

This has provided a wonderful opportunity for the academy for both students and staff to become involved in developing the game of golf at the academy.

A special thanks to Mr Basile for accompanying me on the day.

A great day was had by all.

Please congratulate the following girls on their success.

Gabriella Robertson, Rebecca Stabler, Olivia Lowesly, Jessica Taylor, Ashleigh Thompson, Alicia Brake, Ellie Brownlie, Emmie-Lou Fenton.

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