Reward report for website

[13 Feb 2014]

Twenty-six Year 11 students were invited to a reward “Cake Break” on Wednesday 12th February.

Students were identified by curriculum areas and class teachers as showing “outstanding” Academic progress and attitude between returning from the Christmas break and the February half-term break. Students are currently working towards completion of Vocational courses as well as preparing for their upcoming GCSE examinations, and these students epitomise the attitude that the Year group is currently showing as they continue to work hard to achieve their targets.

The identified students with the curriculum area that nominated them are listed below:

GCSE PE- Damian Wade, James Burgess
English- Jack Marrow, Shane Baron
History- Aimee Burton, Dylan Owsten, Joe Regan
Maths- Shannon Armstrong, Jasmine Clark, Nuno Vieira, Abbie Longley, Kai Carrington, Jana Nemkovica, Chantelle Thompson.
Geography- Carrie Harness, James Londesborough
Product Design- Jessica Benford
Food Tech- Esme Miler
GCSE Drama- Ellie Clarkson
Science- Charlie Smith
GCSE Art- Ellie-May Humphrey, Courtney Everett
French- Ryan Hinch
ICT- Esme Miller, Jana Nemkovica
Leisure and Tourism- Annabel Neadley

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