School of Dreams at Sirius Academy

[15 Feb 2014]

Business liaison coordinator Mr. Cook was keen to welcome Honda, the academy’s latest partner, to the site. He commented ‘The School of Dreams has been designed to share the company’s belief in the power of dreams with young people and to help them develop the skills and confidence to achieve their own dreams and aspirations which is something we are keen to promote with our students.’

The programme explored the power of dreams, imagination and creativity. It consisted of a two day workshop incorporating a number of thinking strategies; taking pupils through information processing, enquiry/reasoning, creative thinking and evaluation activities with an emphasis on communication and presentation skills. These were the tools used for creativity and innovation by eighteen year 6 students from primary partner schools and eighteen of our own year 7, 8 and 9 students selected by Enterprise coordinator, Mrs. Smalley.

Twelve educators were training in the principles of the workshop which was based on the ‘Leading in Learning’ and ‘Personal learning and Thinking Skills’ frameworks. They were each provided with a full ‘tool kit’ to enable them to replicate the programme in their own schools.

The event was supported by local dealer Marshalls Honda. General Manager Jason Hurt was thrilled to have taken part in a highly successful event and provided a centre piece with two top of the range models from the showroom. He said: “It is great to support the workshop in our local school. To help children understand they can turn their dreams into reality by learning to use strategies in their early lives will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the local community. We believe children and young adults deserve all the help they can get.”

Mr. Rhodes is believed to be considering a move to the local dealership following his demonstration of sales techniques over the two days!

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