Scientists to clone mammoth

[15 Mar 2012]

A group of Russian and south Korean scientists have joined forces with one of the most controversial figures in the world in terms of cloning to clone Woolly mammoths and therefore enable them to walk the earth again.

The scientist in question called: Vasily Vasiliev first cloned an extinct mountain goat. He has been accused of fraud for making up some of his research.

They are planning to use DNA of a mammoth found in a Siberia – and extremely cold part of the world making up a lot of the north and east of Russia.

Mammoths last roamed the earth 10,000 years ago.

Some interesting facts about mammoths:

The Woolly mammoth was not the largest of its species; the imperial mammoth was much larger

Humans contributed to the Woolly mammoths’ extinction – we invented the bow which meant we did not have to get close to them to hunt them

Some mammoths had 15 foot long tusks – but compared to elephants their ears were small

An important question we must ask, is it right to give animals who have become extinct a second chance, when there was something about them which resulted in their extinction.

Monta Grima Year 7 said: “Yes, because if they were to live in this time, they won’t become extinct again – and we have a new animal to research.”

Laura Poffenroth Year 7 said: “We must be careful how we clone animals, we need to make sure they don’t have diseases and become extinct again.”

Mr. Dufill –”No, because there is a reason they have become extinct, they might not cope well in the current climate.”

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