Sirius Academy Bikeability 2015/16

[13 May 2016]

This academic year, 53 Sirius Academy West students have complete and passed their Level 3 Bikeability cycle proficiency award.
Bikeability is the only government-recognised cycle training scheme, underpinned by national standards. Bikeability must use professional National Standard Instructors and operate within a quality assurance system. Bikeability is therefore a quality mark for cycle training, identifying cycle training delivered to the highest standards.
Our Bikeability programme is delivered by Mrs J Bell and Mrs J Stone (Quality Teaching Services). All of our students will arrive at Sirius Academy West having previously had the opportunity to complete their level 1 and/or level 2 training at primary school. However, only 100 places are allocated to Hull for Level 3 secondary school places. Sirius Academy West is one of two secondary schools in the city who provide their students with this fantastic opportunity.
Below is a list of our students who have successfully completed their training this academic year;

Ace Pattison Esme Kendall Megan Hutchinson
Alfie Sumpton Finley Bowler Merrin Stephenson
Abbie Brennen Georgia Coggin Nicole Ellis
Aimee Constable Harris Whittles Owen Farr
Alex Naylor Holly McCarthy Paige Collingwood
Alyx Worth Isla Jordan Phillipa Macklin
Antony Sabra Izzy Godney Rachel Robinson
Ashleigh Thompson Jack Cutler Robbie Jones
Bethany Percy Jake Wainman Rubi Dunn
Bethany Usher Jessica Denton Sam Langdale
Bethany Denton Josh Mcintyre Shay Carrol
Bradley Littlefair Kiera Hinds Starr Williams
Cameron hartley Korey Chaffer Thomas Leggot
Charleigh Gibson Lauren Mclean Thomas Watts
Ellie Holmes Liam Bennet Tommy Clark
Ellie Shreeve Lucy Weightman Tyler Sheard
Elliouse Cappell Lucy Sainty Wesley Holmes
Emily Picker Mark Peresoncenko    


Please congratulate these students on their achievement and for their impeccable behaviour while completing their training.
Each student will receive a certificate and Bikeability badge, this can be collected from the Sports Hall during break and lunchtime next week.
Please pass this message on to these students.
Thank you to all the staff who supported.

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