Sirius Academy Cheer and Trampoline Squad

[07 Oct 2011]

Over the last 12 months the Academy’s link with Hull FC has not only helped to develop Rugby League, but with the support of Kandy Sissons, the Sirius Academy Cheer and Trampoline Squad is beginning to flourish. In recent months a large number of Academy students have had the opportunity to perform in front of 20,000 spectators at the KC Stadium every weekend before and during Hull FC fixtures. It is testament to the hard-work and dedication of the girls that they have been provided with such a unique opportunity.

Kandy Sissons, Head Coach of the Hull FC Cheer, Dance and Trampoline Squad, has been a permanent fixture at the Academy on a Wednesday and Thursday for the last year and the burgeoning club offers students the chance to engage in fun, diverse and less traditional activities. The beginners club begins at 3.30pm for an hour, before the more advanced students return, finally finishing the evening with the elite performance squad. It’s Kandy’s ambition that the beginners club is available to all students, and once the fundamentals and basics are developed, there is a clear progression route to challenge the students.

Objectives of the club for the forthcoming year are for the students to represent the Sirius Academy in the British Schools Trampolining Championships in December, the continuing preparation of the Cheerleading Performance Squad for the return of Super League in February, and the development of the beginners sessions on a Wednesday and Thursday in the Academy’s Sports Hall from 3.30pm.

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