Sirius Academy – Cross-Country

[23 Oct 2017]

This week the PE Department hosted the annual House Cross-Country competition during PE lessons. Students in Y7, Y8 and Y9 were required to complete an endurance run that included a full lap of the academy building and Sports Hall, and two circuits of the rear playing fields.

Students were competing for points for their individual Houses and also for the opportunity to win gold! Attached are a number of pictures of some of the students that were able to make it into the top three and secure a place on the podium;  Lee Carmichael (Y8), Lauren McClean (Y9), Mason Chaffer (Y8), Jay Richardson (Y8), Dylan Wilkinson (Y8), Reece Shipley (Y7), Libby Manning (Y7), Joseph Wood (Y7), Ronnie Wood (Y7), Jamie Whiting (Y7), Chimene Kalubi (Y8) and Issamela Escalante.

Congratulations to all those that participated and contributed to your House total. Full results to be released next week!

Based on performances this week Mr Basile will be selecting teams in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9, and Year 10 and Year 11, to compete against the rest of the schools within Hull at the Hull Schools Cross-Country Championships. Good luck to everyone!

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