Sirius Academy Girls and Boys Shine At The Hull Schools Athletics Champions

[06 Jul 2017]

A fabulous day for our athletes both girls and boys at the Hull Schools Athletics Championships at Costello.

With four year groups represented from 7 to 10’s there are eight championships to be won overall.

We won two and came second in two and third in another!!! What an achievement! Outstanding!!!!

Sirius Academy West Year 9 girls and Year 8 boys were team champions! And our year 8 girls  along with the Year 10 boys were runners-up.

Sirius Academy West also had ten individual champions (listed below) – absolutely brilliant !!

Gritty and determined performances from Lauren McClean; Jess Taylor; Hollie Dodsworth ; Jack Tanser;

Jack Mortimer ; Connor Foster; Steve Willitts ; Harry Coulbeck ; and Jack Bone.

A special mention must go to Jack Bone our very own ‘Rag and Bone Man’ –a one event boy who has won the shot competition for the last four years – a tremendous achievement . And also to Jack Tanser who eventually after years of trying has matured to master the 1500m!      

Results were made up of individual and team performances and all or athletes need to be praised for their exceptional performances- and there were many!

The official results are yet to arrive but I will highlight as many as I can recall (apologies if I have not mentioned everyone at this stage).

Stars of the day must go to Jack Mortimer who won 100m;200m;Long Jump and second in the relay along with Lauren McClean winning 100m; High Jump; second in relay. And also to Steve Willitts who won 100m; and Discus and was 2nd in the 200m and relay.


But there were many :-

Lennie Ellis –      3rd 200m

Ben Gibbons     3rd High Jump

Tom Overton     3rd 1500m; 2nd Relay

Jack Mortimer  1st 100m; 200m; Long Jump; 2nd Relay

Leon Gray        1st   Discus; 2nd Relay

Harry Fenton 3rd High Jump; 2nd Relay

Antony Sabra 2nd Javelin

Connor Foster 1st in Shot

Ali Sheraife 2nd Relay ; 2nd 400m

Harry Blackham 2nd Relay

Leon Dallee 2nd Relay

Leon Stewart 2nd Long Jump; 2nd Relay

Steve Willitts  1st 100m; 1st Discus;  2nd 200m

Harry Coulbeck  1st 800m; 2nd Relay

Jack Tanser 1st   1500m

Jack Bone 1st Shot

Gael Nazaydio 2nd Triple Jump; 2nd Relay

Jess Taylor 1st 800m; 2nd Relay

Lauren McClean 1st 100m ; 1st High Jump ; 2nd Relay

Ellie Robertson 2nd Relay

Lucy Parker 3rd Discus 2Nd Relay

Chelsea Anderson 2nd Relay.

Hollie Young 3rd 100m ; 2nd 200m

Danielle Waters 2nd 200m; 2nd Relay

Hollie Dodsworth 1st 800m

Mia Husband 3rd Long Jump; 2nd Relay

Emmie Lou Fenton – 3rd 1500m


Please congratulate all our athletes for a great success story.

Many thanks to all the staff involved on the day  : C.Williams ;C.Rodgers;  N .Driffiel; Mr.A.Sherwood; G.Barton

And also our Year 12 PE students for their support on the day.  

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