Sirius Academy North & West Year 10 Rugby Girls v Castleford Academy

[17 Oct 2017]

Sirius Academy North and West Year 10 Girls came together to play against the RL National Champions away at Castleford Academy. This is the first time  the two academies have merged their teams in rugby and the girls really enjoyed the experience of working together as a team with their partner school.

Castleford were a very organised, strong and fast outfit and it was clear to see why they were National Champions. However, in the early stages the lack of communication from the Sirius Academy side saw them make a few mistakes in their own half, which Castleford capitalised on with some easy tries. As the game progressed the girls began to gel together and defended well on their own tryline to keep Castleford out for another try. Beth Dixon, Millie Jordan and Holly Spenceley were working very hard in defence, making some excellent tackles. The one up rugby from Sirius was not causing the strong Castleford side any problems as they moved up quickly in their line. But once the girls started to support each other they put on some good plays and made good yards forward. Lydia Walker, Rachel Fox and Kelsey Uscroft were willing runners with great work rate in attack and defence.

In the second half Sirius got a well deserved try as they got ten meters away from the Castelford tryline and Holly Spenceley showed great footwork to jinx her way over, but it was Castleford who came away worthy winners. It was a tough task for the newly formed West and North side but they really enjoyed the opportunity to play together against a top side and will certainly learn from this.

Please congratulate the squad on their never give up attitude and their outstanding behaviour:-

Sirius North: Kacey Miah, Amy Hepworth, Holly Spenceley, Sophie Sansom, Kelsey Uscroft, Charlie Stephenson, Mel Deans

Sirius West: Millie Jordan, Tegan Lawler, Beth Dixon, Rachel Fox, Lydia Walker, Kalisha Quantock, Caitlin Jasper

Test link

Test link