Sirius Academy U.15 Hull City Cricket Champions!

[12 Jul 2017]

Sirius Academy West are U.15 Hull City Cricket Champions and they could do no more than beat the only competition they had in Malet Lambert.

Malet Lambert always produce good teams and their expectations were to have won this particular match.  Pleasingly this did not materialise.

The last few years has seen a demise in the amount of school cricket played and this year was no exception with only two teams entered at U.15 level. A pity in that the academy has several players that are of a high standard.

The team has been captained admirably through the years by Luke Riley who represents Yorkshire and is an outstanding batsman and bowler.

Luke is well supported by Harry Pougher who has matured in the game and has learnt to keep his composure and back-up the player he is batting with by taking important singles. Ali Tilal is another excellent cricketer especially at bowling. Leon Stewart is an exceptional wicket keeper and learning. The rest of the team was represented by Bailey Borman; Connor Foster; Brandon Perkins; and two year eight boys in Billy Fenby and Liam Fox ,with the latter taking three wickets and certainly a talent for the future. 

Malet batted first and scored a reasonable 76 all out from 16 overs.

When Tilal opened with Pougher and swung at a shot on only the second ball and hit his own stumps-the writing seemed on the wall. But then entered the arena the gladiator in Luke Riley. He smashed the bowlers of Malet in all directions slaying the opposition virtually on his own. Six after six, over the heads of Mr.Rodgers and Mr.Smith who sat watching in awe, culminated in an innings of 44 before he was caught out. However, the damage had been done and victory in sight. Sirius had surpassed Malets score having lost only 3 wickets and winning by seven wickets remaining ( 10 a side).

Riley was brilliantly supported by Harry Pougher who was voted man of the match by all as he had been in the wars all afternoon taking painful blows from the ball to his chest and groin. Pougher kept the momentum going by just taking singles and backing up Riley who did the rest. Pougher had also taken three wickets in his bowling spell.

An exceptional performance from the team with the nucleus of them in the team who had previously been U.13 City Champions.

Please congratulate all the boys involved for a great performance and a most satisfying win!

Thanks to Mr.Rodgers and Mr.Smith who supported the team.

Then the academy bus would not start and we did not get back to school until  7.30 p.m. That’s the life of a PE Teacher!  

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Test link