Sirius Academy West 9 Sirius Academy North 4

[15 Dec 2016]

The Year 7 girls played in their first full contact rugby league match last night in the Sirius derby. The game was a friendly to try and get both sides prepared for the Yorkshire Qualifiers when they come back after Christmas.

Considering it was the first time these girls had played rugby they took to it extremely well, playing some fantastic attacking rugby and some real good strong tackles in defence.

Sirius North started the game well and completed their first set of six without a mistake, finding themselves handing the ball over on the Sirius West try line. Sirius North were taken by surprise as the speed and strength of Lucy Parker managed break through their defensive line for two quick tries. The Sirius West side was defending well and although North was throwing the ball around better, the scrambling defence was stopping North from getting over the tryline. Nicole George from Sirius West went over next with a powerful run down the middle before Chantelle Dunn jinxed her way over for a good individual try. Sirius North began to cause West problems and managed to get a try of their own after a great run from Shahad Alahmadi who managed to get over the tryline. This game the North side confidence and after some great work from Millie Tyman she sent away Alisha Brennon who went through to gap to make the score 4 – 2. Sirius West got two more tries to extend their lead, with Lucy Parker and Nicole George proving too much for the North defence. Alisha Brennon went over again for North, before Lucy Parker went over for her hat-trick and Mia Cheesman scooted over. Alisha Brennon from Sirius North rounded off her hat-trick before the final try of the game from West from captain Lucy Parker. Making the final score 9 – 4 to Sirius West.

Please congratulate the girls on their performance, both sides worked extremely hard and should be very proud of themselves:-

Sirius Academy West:- Lucy Parker, Mia Cheesman, Jess Wood, Louise Jessop, Chantelle Dunn, Nicole George, Beth Waters, Tegan Purdon, Talia Martinez, Lucy Stewart, Olivia Wivell, Louise Smith, Elisha

Sirius Academy North:- Millie Tyman, Alisha Brennon, Shahad Alahmadi, Ella Mallinson, Maddison Burnie, Kennedy Hutchinson, Lucy Hayley, Maddison Clayton, Evie Hill, Gabija Gledryte, Ruby Gale

Special thanks to Saffron Jones who assisted with the Year 7 Sirius West team!

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