Sirius Academy West Staff Football Team Versus Hull City Tigers Veterans

[06 Jul 2017]

Sirius Academy West Staff Football Team Versus Hull City Tigers Veterans – Charity Football Match -Fun and Windass!

The much anticipated Sirius Academy West charity football match versus the Hull City Tiger Veterans took place last Friday and turned out to be a great success!

The match was played for a good cause and to support a charity in CRY(Cardiac Risk In the Young).

The game was well attended and students, staff and spectators alike observed the game in good spirits and as fun and there was a good atmosphere to the occasion.

The star of the show was inevitably Dean Windass the legend of Hull and a few other things who still showed with two goals during the game that he still had some of his trickery and skill left in him. One a chip that caught Jack Holstead off his line -only he knows what he was thinking about?

However, the Sirius Staff Team put up a great show and certainly gave a lot of the ex-pro’s something to think about. Within thirty seconds we had taken the lead through the lightning pace of Alex ‘the cat’ Sherwood. 

 A most interesting first half where the score fluctuated -another goal from Sherwood and one from Max ‘Elton John’ Bayston ensured it was 3-3 at half -time. A most respectable score line and show -but only if we had taken our chances . The biggest culprit being a one Martin Smith who could of had a hat-trick! Mind certainly not on the job!  We also gave away some very cheap goals!

Our team captained by Mike Hewitt was well marshaled along with Chris ‘Game Of Throne’ Rodgers (nice hair) ; Francesco(never an Italian)Ranieri; Jonathan White ‘mackam’. The midfield was held together by Alex Beech; Tom’Romany’ McClaughlin ; Max Bayston and the newly qualified Lewis Jarvis. Up front Martin Smith and Alex Sherwood. the troops well supported on the bench by Christian ‘Karl Heinz Rumenigge’ Hinz; Steve ‘unbalanced’ Rickard; Gary Bumblehead; Mark Woods and the reliable myself and team manager.

Due to our fist half exertions it became very apparent that one or two of the younger boys were ‘puffing’ and out of condition!

It also became apparent that class was starting to take over and the aspirations of our warriors were starting to dwindle. Class is permanent and we were starting to get the run around! To all our credit we created chances and kept on going but conceded another three goals without reply. The movement of their players had taken its toll! Reality was starting to emerge.

There was one last chance which fell to myself and would have loved to stick it into the net- a cross from Jarvis ‘Beckham’- I dived – I made contact with my head -but the ball went wide to my dismay. What if?  The dream had gone. In my hay day maybe?

Students and spectators got their autographs and pictures – mainly with the one and only ‘Deno!’

A great event that was enjoyed by all.

Can I on behalf of the academy thank students,staff and spectators who contributed to the charity and to their support in providing a great occasion. It is much appreciated.

A special thanks to Mike Hewitt for publicising and informing students and staff.

And to Nick Hunt for refereeing the game

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