Sirius Academy West Year 10 Girls crowned RL Hull Schools Champions

[02 Feb 2016]

Sirius Academy West Year 10 Girls crowned RL Hull Schools Champions
Sirius Academy West Year 10 Girls came top of the league after beating all other Hull Schools in the Rugby League Competition held at their home ground. This makes it all 5 age groups from Sirius West going through as Hull Champions to the Yorkshire Finals. With 6 teams competing in the first ever Hull Schools Competition at Year 10 there were some very talented players on show as over 80 girls took part.

Sirius Academy West 3 Malet Lambert 0
In the ten minute games it was key that the ball was not turned over easily, and Sirius Academy West made no errors at all in their sets of six and looked quick around the ruck. Mia Duke was the first player to show a clean pair of heels as she raced away from dummy half to open the scoring. Smart play again from Duke saw Sirius West double the lead. Malet Lambert were looking strong running forward, but the defence of Sirius West was solid with Saffron Jones, Amelia Longden and Georgia Wardell  putting in some great tackles. Molly Bigby sealed the game after finding a gap out wide and scoring in the corner.

Sirius Academy West 2 Sirius Academy North 1
In the Sirius derby this would be the toughest for the West side as North started the game well, making good yards to get neat the West tryline, but some great defence on their own line kept North out. Danny Fulton and Amelia Longden took the ball up well to create space outwide for Cameron Shakespear to show real power to cross over. Molly Bigby was next on the scoresheet after some smart play to scoot left where there was lots of space and raced over the tryline. But credit to Sirius North, they were certainly making it hard for the National Finalists, and when the ball was given away near the West tryline they capitalised on this and crashed over from close range to make the final score 2 – 1 in favour of West.

Sirius Academy West 4 Archbishop Sentamu “A” 0
Sirius West were in their stride now and played with lots of confidence against Archbishop Sentamus “A” team. First over the tryline showing great determination was Saffron Jones, it looked like she had been held up, but she showed real strength to take three players over with her and get the ball down. Mia Duke again proved too quick for the opposition as she doubled the lead. Shannon Jordan and Ellie Cone were running at the line well and sent over Danny Waters in the corner for a well worked try. Saffron Jones had the final word as she went over for the fourth try without reply in a very good team performance.

Sirius Academy West 4 Archibishop Sentamu “B” 0
The Archbishop “B” side was next up for Sirius West, and again it was a great start from West as Mia Duke showed great agility, power and speed to run the full length of the pitch with a great solo try. Saffron Jones was looking solid in attack and defence and deserved the next try of the game after some hard work in the middle of the park. Amelia Longden was another stand out player in this game, making a string of tackles from the square marker position. The Year 9’s that were brought into the Year 10 team were growing in confidence and getting more involved, and when Mia Husband powered her way through four players she got over the line for a debut try. The try of the game came next when Saffron Jones made some good yards forward then made a great offload to the supporting Ellie Cone who drew in the defender and sent Danny Waters away to make the final score 4 – 0.

Sirius Academy West 5 St Marys 0
The Sirius defence was impressive in this game as St Marys had some big, strong, fast girls, but Sirius did not take a backwards step. St Marys tried to go around the Sirius defence, but Jamie Watson, Rio Cambell, Jess Delph and Emily Andrew were up to the challenge with some good tackles out wide. Molly Bigby rounded the defence for the first try, Cameron Shakespear proved too strong for the second, Danny Waters stepped her way through to make it three. Mia Duke scored another long range try before Shannon Jordan crashed over to make the final score 5 – 0.

Please congratulate the squad on their superb display, attitude and behaviour:-
Mia Husband (Year 9), Rio Cambell, Amelia Longden, Emily Andrew, Jamie Watson, Ellie Cone, Danny Waters (Year 9), Danny Fulton, Mia Duke, Saffron Jones, Georgia Wardell, Cameron Shakespear (Year 9), Molly Bigby, Jess Delph, Shannon Jordan (Year 9)

Special thanks to 6th Form students Megan Kay and Megan Whittles who assisted with the running of the tournament.

All year groups will now represent Hull in the Yorkshire Competitions after the February half term.

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