Sirius Academy West Year 7 Girls Crowned Hull Schools RL Champions

[01 Jul 2016]

The Year 7 Girls were crowned Hull Schools RL Champions tonight, making it all four age groups at Sirius Academy West that have achieved that status over the last few weeks. There was a lot of pressure on the Year 7’s as they knew that Year 8, 9 and 10 had already won their Hull Schools Competition, and they did not disappoint, with an outstanding team performance that fully deserved them being the Champions of Hull.
Sirius Academy West 7 Sirius Academy North 1
The Sirius Academy derby was first up, and the first half started in favour of the West side as Lucy Sainty showed power and speed to break through the line and go over on the first play of the game. Captain Georgia Coggin was looking dangerous everytime she got her hand on the ball as she scored two tries in quick succession. Rachel Robinson was working hard at the dummy half position and scooted her way through to the gap to make it 4 – 0. Sirius North replied well before the halftime break with a good try of their own. The defence of Sirius West looked strong, with Bethany Key, Emma Waller and Alyx Worth putting in some good tackles. Rachel Robinson got her second try of the game before Alyx Worth showed her skills in attack to extend the lead. Lucy Sainty rounded off the scoring in a very good team performance to start the competition.
Sirius Academy West 7 St Marys Academy 4
Lucy Sainty again took the ball up on the first play of the game and went through to score the opening try. Chelsea Anderson was really coming into her own as she powered through the defensive line to score two very good solo tries. St Marys were looking dangerous as the game went on and some of the big strong girls on their team started to run hard and fast as Sirius conceded two quick tries. Good tackles from wingers Phoebe Armstrong and Paige Collingwood prevented St Marys going over for more tries, but it was Rachel Robinson who extended the lead before halftime to 4 – 2. Unfortunately for Sirius, the dangerous Lucy Sainty had to leave the field of play with an ankle injury. The second half started well for Sirius, with the captain Georgia Coggin showing real quality and footwork to weave her way through to the tryline on two occasions. Again St Marys kept causing Sirius problems and got the scoreline to make it 6  – 4 with only minutes remaining. Alyx Worth sealed the victory in the late stages with a fantastic turn of pace to round the defence.
Sirius Academy West 7 Archibshop Sentamu 5
Both teams had won their previous two games, so it was all to play for in the final game. Both sides knew that whoever won this one would be the Champions of Hull. Georgia Coggin set the scene with a superb try after an amazing offload from Abbie Brennan in the tackle. Alyx Worth got over to double the lead. But Archibishop was responding well and made it two tries a piece.  Chelsea Anderson proved too strong for the Archbishop side as she went over again, then Abbie Brennan got on the scoresheet with a great dummy and step to go through the gap. Archbishop narrowed the lead to make it 4 – 3 at halftime.  Gracie Ellotson, Caitlin Reed and Kasey Broadhead were all introduced for fresh legs and worked hard for their team. Chelsea Anderson was growing in confidence and went over for two more tries. Archbishop got two more tries back but Alyx Worth again sealed the victory as Sirius West won the game 7 tries to 5.
Please congratulate the Year 7 Girls on their success, attitude and behaviour, they played extremely well as a team and should be proud of what they have achieved in their first year of playing rugby at Sirius Academy West.
Squad: Georgia Coggin, Lucy Sainty, Chelsea Anderson, Bethany Key, Alyx Worth, Rachel Robinson, Caitlin Reed, Abbie Brennan, Paige Collingwood, Phoebe Armstrong, Gracie Ellotson, Emma Waller and Kacey Broadhead.
Special thanks to Janice Hall for her support with team.