Sirius Academy Year 7 Girls V Cas High – Rugby League

[26 Feb 2014]

Sirius Academy travelled to Castleford High in a friendly match in preparation for the upcoming Yorkshire Tournament. None of the girls had ever played full contact rugby league before, and was thrown in the deep end against a very big and organised Castleford team. Sirius started well, as from the kick off they got straight into the tackle, forcing an error. Sirius themselves didn’t look after the ball for their set of six, and Castleford capitalised on the error. The sheer size and strength of the Castleford team was a bit too much for the Sirius girls, who also didn’t help themselves by going up in ones rather than as a team. Castleford scored 4 tries without reply in the first half, but was starting to improve as Shannon Jordan, Amy Purden and Ellie Hinchcliffe started running onto the ball at speed, breaking tackles and making some good yards. Keilla Allen was a willing runner from the fullback position, as was Caitlen Curzons in the middle of the park, but the Castleford team was very hard to break down.

The second half was much improved, and Sirius were first on the scoresheet, after a good ball from acting half back Lauren Sutton found Amy Purden, who showed strength and determination to get the ball over the try line. Castleford did reply with two more tries of their own, but the Sirius girls certainly did not give in.

The Sirius team certainly did themselves proud, and I don’t think they will come up against harder opponents than Castleford at the Yorkshire Festival. There is a lot to work on, especially in defence, but the girls are willing to put in the time and effort to put things right. Starting with training on Friday after school.

Please congratulate the girls on their performance, attitude and behaviour. Special thanks to Janice Hall for driving the minibus and supporting the girls.

Squad: Alisha Pearson, Holly Bateson, Keila Allen, Shannon Jordan, Lauren Sutton, Niamph Moffet, Caitlen Curzons, Amy Purden, Kiera Hall , Paige Hartley, Kiera Rotherham, Ellie Hinchcliffe

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