Sirius College takes 4th place in outstanding performance at GEW Week

[21 Nov 2016]

Monday 16th November kicked off Global Enterprise Week which saw businesses and millions of schools across the world get involved in promoting enterprise education to their students. Hull, City of Culture 2017 is especially keen to promote the growing outstanding talent of young people and their entrepreneurial skills across the city.

ON Wednesday 16th November 2016, Sirius College competed, along with other Post 16 educational institutions from across other areas of the city, got involved in the Post 16 Enterprise Masterclass and Careers at Guildhall.

Students were pitted against each other in teams throughout the day competing for £1000 in prizes. Mrs Smalley and Ms. Norton accompanied a team of 7 students from Sirius College who were competing in the event. Students were tasked with bridge building ice breaker challengers, listened to inspiring motivational speakers before finally being set their challenge by Swift group caravans.

Competition was fierce but Sirius College Team worked hard to produce their ‘Mystik’ Tourer caravan design and judges said they were impressed about their dedications and application of current caravanning needs to the brief.

Out of 22 Post 16 educational establishments competing, the final 6 were called to present to the judges including Sirius College! A very impressive presentation and they answered questions that were fired from the judges confidently. Judges left to deliberate for 10 minutes and when the results were called…..Sirius College proudly placed 4th and received a winning cash prize on stage and were congratulated by all judges.

Thank you to everyone involved in supporting the day, and to everyone who continues to support and promote the growing entrepreneurial talent that we have at Sirius College and Sirius Academy.

Mrs Claire Smalley

Coordinator of Business Enterprise

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