Sirius Dancers Shine in their Hull College Performance

[20 Mar 2018]

Fused Dance Company started working with Sirius Academy in October 2017 and Winifred Holtby School in December 2017. This was to devise a 5-minute performance to perform in Queen’s Gardens on the 20th January 2018, as part as a bigger project with the BA (Hons) Dance degree course from Hull College. The main reason Fused choose to work within schools was to give students of all years and abilities the opportunity to come together with others, to create and be given more experience towards the different styles of dance. When regarding the rehearsal process, both schools worked on separate pieces and one, one-minute piece that would be performed with the other school at the end of the two individual pieces.

Our aim on the day of the performance was to bring the two schools together, who had not met before and put their two pieces together to make one. However, the show date had to be rearranged due to the bad weather conditions, this meant the performance would not be performed in Queens Gardens. Fused did not want the schools to miss out on the opportunity of performing what they had created so we arranged an alternative performance date and set it to be in the Riverside Theatre at Hull College, which was based on the 19th February 2018.

When the new performance day arrived, both schools finally had the chance to met and show what they had created. After showing the individual pieces both schools joined together to place and rehearse the one-minute piece they had learnt, which surprisingly went and worked well considering they did not know one another.

Overall the final performance was a success and both schools gained a lot out of the experience.

(Report written by Georgia Gridley, Fused Dance Company)

Please congratulate the following students on their hard work and success.

Millie Ream yr10 
Louise Hall yr10
Emmie Fenton yr10
Megan Froggett yr10 
Starr Williams yr10
Libbie-eve Atkinson yr8
Keira-mae Atkinson yr8

Isabel Sylvester y10

Chimene Kalubi y8
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