Sirius Leaders Changing Lifes

[27 May 2016]

Seventeen Sirius Academy West students helped deliver two Hull School Games Change4Life festivals this week. These festivals are a celebratory event for Hull primaries who currently deliver a Change4Life Sport Club within their own school. Change4Life Sports Clubs are a type of extracurricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary by using multi-sport themes. Change4Life Sports Clubs are having a significant positive effect on the physical activity levels of the young people involved and their attitudes towards being active and healthy. This is contributing to their wellbeing and other aspects of their school and personal life.

Our students delivered a variety of multi-sport games to over 120 primary school children individually and as pairs. The students involved showed resilience and determination when faced with some difficult groups of mixed sporting ability. I am very pleased to say the students represented our academy impeccably and received glowing feedback from both the visiting staff and visiting nutritionist.