Sirius On Air celebrates its first birthday

[11 Dec 2014]

Wednesday 11th December 2013 marked a momentous occasion for Sirius Academy, it’s first Academy Radio station was launched and named by the pupils themselves as ‘Sirius On Air’. Now, one Year on, the Sirius on Air Radio team are celebrating it’s first birthday. The radio station is operated by a group of students in the Sixth Form and Year 11 and they do an outstanding job on a daily basis. Students like Kieren Easter and Chelsea Baynes have roles of Station Manager and Assistant Station Manager. Leah Jackson and Rebecca Cooke are the duo Admin team who help to keep the behind the scenes operations running smoothly. The other voices that fill your ears are Janet Yeboah, Hannah Philips, Leonie Lewis and Rosie Rosie Mears who also host the three times a day radio shows. Today, they celebrate the  radio turning a prime old age of one years old and reminisced about how much the radio has developed. Rebecca  says “At first I really didn’t want to present but then when I had to fill in, I realised I loved it”, Rosie says “I’m really enjoying it, I found it difficult at first but doing the radio has really helped my ability to speak to a large audience, even if they cant see me!”.

Sirius On Air is a fantastic enterprise business that is slowly growing in strength and is providing the opportunity for students to take ownership and develop and nurture the business through their own vision. Sirius On Air is now open to recruitment for any Year 10 students who are interested, to apply, please see Kieren Easter or Chelsea Baynes.
Mrs Smalley would like to say a massive thank you to the team for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment, they are outstanding group of young people who make the Radio what it is. Well done Team, Happy Birthday!