Sirius Sport Scholarship Leaders

[23 Jan 2015]

Sirius Academy held the Hull School Games Sportshall Athletics championships yesterday afternoon. The competition saw a total of 180 primary school children from years 5 and 6 compete in a series of events including Sprint Relays, Triple Jumps and Javelin. The event was supported by 14 Sirius Academy sport scholarship students from years 9, 10 and 11. Their roles were carried out efficiently and professionally, resulting in a very smooth and enjoyable event for all the participants. Visiting staff commented on their maturity and many were pleased to see their former pupils development.

The Sirius students roles varied slightly between events. All students were responsible for timekeeping, recording results, ensuring the correct school and athletes where taking part in the right event, demonstrating good technique and explaining the event rules and regulations. They were working for a total of 3 hour 30 minutes and stayed focuses throughout the whole competition. It is a credit to our academy that we have so many capable and willing students to help deliver competitions of this size for the benefit of the local community.

Please congratulate them If you have the chance and also find attached some photos from the event of our students in action!;

Connor Matthews, Mikey Lewis, Luke Moss, Jack Arnett, Adam Kelsey, Harry Night, Josh Jarvis Olivia Young, Mia Duke, Emily Andrew, Hope Rollinson, Jamie Watson, Ruby Randle, Ellie Smirk

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