Sirius Sports Stars Tchoukball Talent Camp – Friday 1 December 2017

[08 Jan 2018]

On Friday 1st December, the PE department hosted the first of our Sirius Sports Stars Talent Camps for the academic year. Mr Gordon and Miss Shaw were joined by 89 budding year 5 sportsmen and women from a range of local Primary schools including Penshurst, Acre Heads, Paisley, Wold, Eastfield, Christopher Pickering and Bricknell.

The primary students were taken on a 2 hour Tchoukball masterclass delivered by year 9 leaders who are currently studying either BTEC Tech Award in Sports Leadership or GCSE PE. For the majority of the year 5 students, Tchoukball was completely new sport so the leaders were tasked with coaching them essential skills such as shooting and passing. Following this, the year 5’s applied what they learnt in game situations.

In the second part of the camp, the leaders were responsible for managing their own team as they competed in a mini tournament. Throughout the games, student leaders officiated and scored their games fairly and effectively to determine a winner. Student leaders also were also asked to select a particular player who had impressed them to receive the prize of a Tchoukball to take home. The pupils chosen were for a variety of reasons; outstanding effort, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Please congratulate the leaders as you pass them in the Academy as without them the event would not have been such a success:

Ellie Robertson
Declan Longley
Jessica Taylor
Lauren McClean
Alfie Marsden
Alfie Morgan
Edgars Aboltins
Pacey Bradley
Owen Fletcher
Rebecca Stabler
Georgia Coggin
Isabella Taylor
Ashleigh Thompson
Tyler Leighton

We are already looking forward to the next instalment of Sports Stars Talent Camps which will require students to stunt, jump, tumble and dance as they learn about what allstar cheerleading entails! A special thank you to Mr Provan for transporting Bricknell students to and from their primary school and Miss May for producing the resources so the event ran smoothly.

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