Sirius Sports Stars – Y5 Welton Waters Visit

[08 Jul 2019]

Last Friday the academy’s Sirius Sports Stars programme culminated in a visit to Welton Waters Adventure Centre. An initiative that aims to bring together the most talented sports performers from our local Primary Schools, it has already provided pupils with the opportunity to learn new skills, and transfer existing skills, in alternative sports such as, Tchoukball, Cheerleading and Orienteering.

At Welton pupils had the chance build and launch their own rafts, learn how to navigate a sailing boat, walk the plank across rafted canoes and work as a team in a series of water based challenges. A fantastic day for all pupils and staff that were involved. Thank you to Acre Heads Primary School, Wold Acdemy, Francis Askew Primary School, Eastfield Primary School and Christopher Pickering Primary School for their continued support.

Sirius Academy West is extremely passionate about the experiences they provide children during their time at the academy. Sport is one of the outlets in which students can develop their character and broaden their horizons. The day at Welton comes in a week in which Sirius Academy West students were rewarded at the Hull Daily Mail sports awards, competed in a National Rugby League Final, and travelled to Bournemouth to participate in a National Cheerleading Tournament.

For additional information regarding enrolment at the academy in September 2020, or to enquire about how to secure your place via Sporting Aptitude, please contact us on (01482) 352939.

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