[26 Feb 2013]

A fantastic afternoon for the academy where Sirius students shone in their competition against the rest of the schools throughout the County!

Year 7 girls and Year 8 boys ending up winning two of the four ‘County Sportshall Athletic Championships’ on offer!

Sirius Year 7 and 8 girls had both won the Hull finals with the Year 8 boys finishing runners-up to enable them to qualify for the County finals.

Yesterday was going to obviously be tougher with eight schools represented in each year group and championship.

Our athletes showed determination and commitment and throughot the afternoon their characters were examined but they consistently rose to the occasion and gave us something to cheer about.

Throughout the afternoon we were having winners in track and field events with the Year 7 girls dominating all track events and the Year 8 boys consistently gaining first and second places. However, it was difficult to assess where we stood in terms of field events.

As the afternoon went on there was much anticipation in terms of our teams doing well and it was obvious the Year7 girls stood a great chance of winning with some great individual and team performances!( Miss Barton to report on the girls!)

It was a more of a surprise that the Year 8 boys were not only to overturn their runners-up position in the Hull Finals but to actually win the County Finals!

The academy was brilliantly represented by Adam Kelsey; Jamie Gould; Brad Elliott; Kai Thorpe; Joshua Atkinson; Harry Knight; Joshua Jarvis; and Alfie Pougher.

The boys triumphed in many track and field events ( although we have not got all the official results as of yet) to ensure they gained an overall score of 205 points to be crowned County Sportshall Athletic Champions!

A fantastic moment and proud achievement for the boys especially when the results were announced and one which I am sure they will remember for a very long time!

There is more to report and photos to follow!

Thanks to Dean Jennings and Emma Bore for their support and of course to Gemma Barton for leading the girls to victory!

Well done to all our athletes!

A proud and great day for Sirius Academy!

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