Sirius Stands Up – Thank You

[22 Jun 2016]

Thank you very much to all staff for all your efforts in supporting the Sirius Stands Up event today. I got around as many classrooms as I could this morning and after lunch to see loads of active lessons taking place, both inside and out the academy building. All the students were engaged in a wide variety of active lessons across all departments which was fantastic to see.
A special thank you to John, Kirsty Spencer, Hannah Das, Simon Branston and Richard Rhodes for their support with the VIP visit and media team this morning.
We also had three students interviewed by several radio stations and local press – Thomas Watts, Favour Dim and Charlotte Jude. All three students were a credit to our academy and gave superb answers to some difficult on the spot questioning by the reporters. Thanks to Max Bayston for sorting these.
Tune in to Viking FM + Radio Humberside today and hopefully you will catch the student interviews. Look North may also be running a segment about the event on tonight’s program. This will include the students interviews and hopefully a very special adhoc appearance from Mr Basile demonstrating the perfect Javelin throw.
Various twitter feeds from across Hull primary schools and partners have also been taking part so please check out #SchoolsStandUp if you have a minute.
Just a gentle reminder to staff I have placed a ‘Pledge Card’ in all pigeon holes for staff to complete and return to my Pigeon hole before Friday. You’re invited to make a pledge to deliver more ‘Active Lessons’ to help improve the health and wellbeing of all our students. Thank you to those staff who have already made a pledge.
Let’s use today as a platform to keep developing active lessons!