Sirius students stargaze with the BBC and the Deep

[19 Jan 2012]

On Tuesday 17th January, 100 students visited The Deep to experience a once in a life-time opportunity to take part in the BBC’s ‘Stargazing’ event. The evening was packed full of exciting activities about animal noises at night; ocean life after dark; the story of The Big Bang, as well as a series of lectures with some of the region’s most reputable Astronomers.

Students were also able to witness and learn about the animals’ behaviour at night. One of the students, Beth Dibnah said, “My favourite part of the evening was walking around The Deep and seeing all the interesting fish like the vegetarian piranhas, and ‘Eddie’ who was like a swimming block of concrete. There was another fish called Angelina, who had huge lips!” Another student, Kimberley Elgar, thought it was a good experience because she learnt so many things and particularly enjoyed looking through the telescopes on the Observation Deck.

Furthermore, five lucky students spent their time working with Chloe Davies from the BBC. They took part in a live interview with ‘Look North’, before creating their own news report for BBC Radio Humberside which was also broadcast that night.

Overall, it was a fascinating and informative evening, which has inspired many to continue celebrating the wonders of our night’s sky.

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