Sirius students take time looking out of the window

[16 Feb 2012]

But this wasn’t daydreaming! On Tuesday afternoon, year 8 students in science, along with students in ICT, Miss Atwood’s year 8s and students from Ganton School took part in the RSPB Really Big Bird Watch. Coming into its 11th year, Big Schools’ Birdwatch has gone from strength to strength. 2011 saw a record number of people taking part – just under 90,000 UK school children and teachers. The activity consisted of using a score sheet to mark down how many birds they saw and collating the results on the RSPB website.

Last year 88,500 children and teachers from nearly 3,000 classes participated. For the second year in a row, blackbirds flew into the top spot, with an average of 4.99 seen per school. Starlings and woodpigeons complete the top three, with an average of 3.61 and 3.06 seen per school respectively.

We found that the carrion crow was most popular here, with the seagull in second place.

Test link

Test link