Sirius U.18s Football Team Lose Out On Penalties In Replay Final Thriller

[05 May 2016]

Following on from last weeks 3-3 draw -Sirius U.18 Football Team were literally robbed of victory in the Hull Shools U.18 Football Final Replay versus St.Mary’s-coming back from being two nil down to winning the game with only four minutes to go in extra-time!
In going two goals to nil down early in the game and having squandered three excellent chances to take charge of the game before then, the boys staged a remarkable fight back!  Firstly they forced a penalty just before half –time when Luke Salas was pulled back after wriggling his way past several defenders. The penalty was converted by Joe Wood and Sirius were back in the game!
The goal gave the team confidence and the second half was totally dominated by Sirius –driven on by the outstanding performances from Alex Appleby and Callum Baker.
It was Alex Appleby who equalised.
The game changed again to the advantage of Sirius when St.Mary’s had a player sent off for dissent.  We had a couple of great opportunities to finish the game- chances which should have been taken-one scrambled off the line when it seemed more difficult to miss than score!
Extra-time loomed , and again Sirius well on top and took advantage yet again through Alex Appleby to take the lead in the first period.  Could we hold on?
Into the second period again missed opportunities to take the match away from St.Mary’s. Four agonising minutes to go and we succumbed to a ‘sucker punch’.  Devastated the game went to penalties. A lottery at all times!
Unfortunately we lost 3-4 and knew we had let them off the hook! We had been robbed –we knew we had been the better team!
The boys had done more than enough to deserve winning the game –but it was not to be. They certainly did Sirius proud at this level and should be greatly congratulated for coming so close!             
Please congratulate all the boys involved ;  Stephen Pougher; Jacob Horner; Callum Baker; Ryan Wood; Adam Kelsey; Ryan Carrington; James Burgess; Luke Salas; Joesph Wood; Matthew Meakin; Charlie Morriss; Cameron Morfitt; Robert Hird  and Alex Appleby.
Many thanks to Martin Smith for his support with the team and to Jonathon White – our only supporter on the afternoon to make the effort to support the boys!