Sirius West v Hessle – 4/10/16

[05 Oct 2016]

The windy conditions did little to promote free flowing football and it was Hessle who took advantage as a route one ball found their behemoth of a centre forward to shrugged off all defensive attempts to slot home with a tidy finish…1 minute gone 1-0 down. Mr Gordan and myself exchanged anxious glances given the drubbing we’d received no more than a week ago…surely we weren’t in for another one?!

The glances of anxiety suddenly became glances of shock, horror and downright despair as the same player once again broke through with a second cool finish. 5 minutes gone…2-0 down.

The following 20 minutes passed by with little fanfare as the game evened out with no real chances being created by either side. Until suddenly the West seemed to spark into life and realised that this wasn’t a kick about at the park, it was the National Cup! What followed, should become a Hollywood script!

Some smart work and high intensity pressure from the front 5 of Omali Mukelenge, Charlie Shooter. Harry Blackham, Leon Dalee and Leon Stewart kept Hessle camped in their own half and, often, box. A goal was needed before halftime and it came in the form of  Blackham with a  deflected free kick which found it’s way in. GAME ON!

The second half was much the same, with the siege at the Alamo being recreated with ??? bodies hurling themselves in the way of headers, shots, deflections and anything else the West men could manage. Hessle continued to ‘defend like beavers’ (Kamara, 2010) until finally,  and to the relief of all those in green, the equaliser was found via a penalty by Shooter after a clumsy foul on Mukulenge. 2-2.

Extra time and the potential of the dreaded penalties loomed as the West men continuously bombarded Hessle goal. Mr Gordan was clearing his throat readying his inspirational team talk when suddenly…a potential final twist in the tale as Mukelenge was again hacked down. All eyes turned to the man in the middle…


With 3 minutes to go and the score 2-2 Mukulenge composed himself enough to step up and confidently stroke it home. Final score Sirius West 3-2 Hessle.

All the boys worked tirelessly and deserved the win. One step closer to Wembley.

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