Sirius West Year 7 B team in agonisingly extra time cup defeat

[22 Oct 2015]

Over 35 students have now represented the Academy at football in Year 7 so far this year after last nights National B Team Cup defeat to Wolfreton.

Wolfreton, who fielded a strong team with what we suspect was a few A team players, started strongly and put the defence of Hird, Walker and Mclennan under pressure but some last ditch tackling and a friendly linesman kept them at bay. George Petty had a fantastic Academy debut in goal but could do nothing about a stunning volley into the top corner which gave Wolfreton the lead.

Alsherife was causing havoc in midfield with his physicality and this put the away team on the back foot. After sustained pressure Alfie Newlove managed to grab an equaliser and send the crowd wild.

Unfortunately the increasingly vocal support of Mr Sherwood and his dubious tactics of ‘don’t pass it just hit it long’ confused the players and Wolfreton were soon back on the front foot.

Adopting an inclusive policy several changes were made, with Lewis Sutton adding calmness and vision into the midfield and Jack Young putting in several crunching tackles. Wolfreton missed an open goal from a yard with 4 minutes left and the game went into extra time. Finally a proper referee arrived as Mr Basile took over. Unfortunately Wolfreton’s superior skill allowed them to score 2 late goals to claim a 3-1 victory.

The coaching team of Kay, Smith and Rust were very proud of the boys efforts.

Man of the man: Oliver Walker

Thanks to Mr Boatin, Mr Jarvis and Mr Sherwood for their support

Attention now turns to the Sirius Vs Sirius match after half term when North meets West after half term

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