Six members of staff were awarded Lead Practitioner Accreditation

[09 Feb 2015]

Six members of the Sirius Staff were awarded Lead Practitioner Accreditation.  This is a national recognised award which is given after individual teachers meet a set of rigorous criteria, broadly aligned to the Advanced Skills Teacher standards.  In order to meet the criteria, the teachers must be having a large scale impact across the academy and beyond, and demonstrate a commitment to professional development.  Each staff member completed an action research project which is then shared with other staff.
Max Clark, a science teacher, said that “it was an excellent CPD opportunity for me to develop my pedagogical practice and share success with other teachers to have a positive impact on the students we teach every day.”
The cohort was congratulated by the SSAT, the national organisation which runs the accreditation.  Anne-Marie Duguid, national lead congratulated the cohort, telling them that they have done “brilliantly”.