Sleep School the Sequel

[17 Oct 2017]

3 students composed and performed a piece for  ITV’s Good Morning Britain show, in support of the Children’s Sleep Charity Campaign to engage teenagers in adapting their routines for improved and healthier sleep patterns. Ally May Radford, Libby Fox and Daniel Hird were involved in the script writing, production and recording of a series of soundbites about how a lack of sleep can impact daily life and emotional well-being. The students joined people from different age groups across the country, who were selected to provide a brief overview of their experiences. 

The level of commitment was exceptional and the team at ITV were delighted with our students’ input. I am awaiting specific notification of the planned date and time the chosen soundbites will be aired in the final edit, but hopefully our students will appear on the TV show next week from Monday 23rd October!