Sports Day

[09 Jul 2011]

The PE Department celebrated National School Sport Week by hosting the annual Y7/8 Sports Days at Costello. Students competed in a range of different activities and events in an attempt to score points for their House. The behaviour and conduct exhibited by all of the students at both of the events was outstanding and resulted in a fantastic atmosphere. Despite the attempts of PE-based Heads of House, Mr Wilkinson (Challenger), Mr Rust (Discovery) and Mrs Stephenson (Enterprise), Voyager House were victorious in both Y7 and Y8.

Y7 House Results: 1st – Voyager; 2nd – Pioneer/Challenger; 3rd – Discovery.

Y7 Girls Results: 1st – Olivia Wood; 2nd – Shannon Wood; 3rd – Leoni Campbell.

Y7 Boys Results: 1st – Callum Magee; 2nd – Luke Salas; 3rd – Haydn Mortimer/Lukas Mikoliunas.

Y8 House Results: 1st – Voyager; 2nd – Enterprise; 3rd – Discovery; 4th – Challenger; 5th – Pioneer.

Y8 Girls Results: 1st – Shannon Kay; 2nd – Melissa McCann; 3rd – Abbie Longley.

Y8 Boys Results: 1st – Connor Jenman; 2nd – Mitchell Levi-Lewis; 3rd – Dylan Pougher/Jordan Lambert/Nuno Vieira/Ugnius Viseckas


Transition Outreach

Throughout the Summer Term the Academy has provided teachers in Design and Technology, PE and Science the opportunity to work in collaboration with 12 of our local Primaries. Miss Bower, Miss Bore and Miss Kilkenny have been delivering diverse activities and mini-projects to Y5/6 pupils in an attempt to promote the ethos of the Academy, build relationships with pupils before their imminent move to Secondary Education, and support professional dialogue.

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