Sports leaders – message from Bellfield Primary School

[24 Jan 2020]

The year 7 and 8 Sport Scholarship students attending Hull University this week to deliver the Hull School Games Badminton Festival. This festival was attended by 16 Hull primary school teams and over 140+ young people from years 3 and 4. The festival was designed to introduce beginners to the sport through a series of fun, challenging and engaging skill based activities.

Each sport scholarship student had their own activity to lead to groups of 8 primary students at a time, requiring them to adapt and change the activity depending on the ability of each group. For the year 7 students, this was their first experience leading at a citywide sport competition. Every single one of them did extremely well and provided engaging and inclusive activities for a range of young people whilst motivating and encouraging participation throughout the afternoon. One of the many stand out moments came when Kian Goodhand was delivering to a challenging group, with a couple of the year 3 children falling out over who got to go first at his station! Without hesitation, Kian sat down with both children, calmed them down and then came up with an idea to allow them both to play at the same time. This was fantastic to see and many young leaders would find it difficult to handle such a situation on their own but Kian remained calm and composed. Some great feedback came from the visiting primary school staff, including the message sent from Bellfield Primary school below; 

Dear Mr. Sherwood,

I thought it would be appropriate to express our gratitude towards your sports leaders today and the exceptional job they did. Their ability to confidently instruct and support our children was well exercised and noticed by all members of staff. The sports leaders maintained an inclusive and encouraging environment which led to positive attitudes throughout the afternoon. 

I would be grateful if you could please pass on our appreciation and praise from myself and the children at Bellfield Primary School.

Thanks Again, 


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