Stranger Sagas Copies

[05 Mar 2019]

At the end of the summer term, Young Writers’ offered an exciting opportunity for students (between the ages 11-18) to partake in a challenging and exciting creative writing opportunity. As Sirius Academy West students have been recognised in the past for their flair with creative writing, English teachers promoted the competition in their lessons. Astonishingly 380 students submitted entries to the competition. This was a particularly challenging competition as the students had to write an engaging, thrilling and exciting story in the form of a 100-word saga with a focus on horror and dystopia. The number of students, who expressed their interest, was overwhelming as Sirius West entered more entries than any other school in the region by those that took part. As a result, 350 Sagas were shortlisted for publication and 70 parents/carers authorised their child’s entry to be published in the anthology.