Students take up the Aunt Bessie’s Food Challenge

[21 Sep 2015]

Under the guidance of Miss Shaddick and working alongside Craig, Christine and Annessa a class of Year 9 Students at Sirius West has taken up the Aunt Bessie Food Challenge.

Aunt Bessie is part of the William Jackson Food Group, a leading employer in Hull and significant player in the UK food market.

They supply over 1.8 million Yorkshire puddings per DAY! to homes all over the country.

In addition the company makes over forty other products at their factory including delicious apple pies and jam roly poly Mmmmm!

Incredibly the company uses over ten million kilogrammes of flour per year. 

The students have to design a new sweet or savoury pie and packaging, considering target group and sustainability issues. The deadline is Christmas and the Aunt Bessie team will act as mentors throughout the programme. The winning team will be invited to visit the Aunt Bessie factory and to sample their range, Yumm!

Test link

Test link