Why is the study of Business important? 


Business studies teaches students essential skills in enterprise and small-business management. In Business students will learn skills that they can apply to real-life, developing practical competencies and financial acumen.

  • Course Content and Assessment

    Course Content:

    Theme 1: Marketing and people

    Students will develop an understanding of:

    • Meeting customer needs
    • The market
    • Marketing mix and strategies
    • Managing people
    • Entrepreneurs and leaders

    Theme 2: Managing business activities

    Students will develop an understanding of:

    • Raising finance
    • Financial planning
    • Managing finance
    • Resources management
    • External influences

    Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

    This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2. Students will develop an understanding of:

    • Business objectives and strategy
    • Business growth
    • Decision-making techniques
    • Influences on business decisions
    • Assessing competitiveness
    • Managing change

    Theme 4: Global business

    This theme develops the concepts introduces in Theme 1. Students will develop an understanding of:

    • Globalisation
    • Global markets and business expansion
    • Global marketing
    • Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)


    • 100% Examination
    • 0% Coursework
  • Entry Criteria

    5 GCSEs at 4 or above including:

    • English & Mathematics at 4 or above.
  • How can Business support your future?

    Students who have taken A Level Business go on to study Business at University. Future opportunities may include: Human Resources Officer, Marketing Manager, Retail Manager, Business Manager or Finance Manager.

  • How does the study of Business support your study of other subjects?

    Many universities operate conjoined faculties of Law, Business and Politics. As a result, the study of business works well with all courses on the KS5 options list.

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