Why is the study of History important? 


A study of History aids students in understanding the context and circumstance which led to modern society. It provides students with an insight into our origins, the archaic or obsolete social systems which have produced the communities and systems of today.

  • Course Content and Assessment

    Course Content:

    • The Tudors: England, 1485-1603
    • The Cold War, c1945-1991
    • Historical Investigations based on the Civil Rights Movement



    • 80% Examination
    • 20% Coursework
  • Entry Criteria

    5 GCSEs at 4 or above including English and Mathematics and a 6 or above in History

  • How can History support your future?

    Career Opportunities:

    Students who have studied history have progressed on to the best Universities in the country, obtaining worthwhile degrees and entering the world of employment in a range of vocations.

  • How does the study of History support your study of other subjects?

    History is a course that functions well with any and all subjects in the curriculum. However, it is particularly effective when studied in tandem with subjects such as Sociology, Law, Criminology and English Literature and/or Language.

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