Why is the study of Physics important? 


Physics is a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to study Engineering or Physics at University. Those who have excelled at GCSE science would be ideal candidates for A Level Physics.

  • Course Content

    Course Content:

    • Mechanics/Further-Mechanics
    • Electricity
    • Waves
    • Particle Physics
    • Fields
    • Nuclear


  • Entry Criteria

    5 GCSEs at 4 or above including:

    • Mathematics at 5 or above.
    • Physics/Science GCSE at 6 or above.
  • How can Physics support your future?

    Career Opportunities:

    Students who have taken A Level Physics go on to study Physics at University alongside other complementary subjects. Future opportunities may include professions such as Medicine, Surveying, Engineering, Architecture or Pharmacy.

  • How does the study of Physics support your study of other subjects?

    Physics synthesises well with A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry. However, due to the difficulty tariff of the subject, it encourages any student to develop their skills in logic and analysis.