The Sirius Green Team brings it home

[22 Jan 2016]

Tuesday 19th January saw the Sirius Green Team return to Sirius Academy West triumphant! Bradley Shreeve, Favour Dim, Noah Puckering and Matthew Coulter successfully took part in the Greenpower race Car Challenge at Hull University and were selected to win one of the Formula 24 Greenpower cars.

Students had to form teams and create and pitch a presentation to a ‘den of dragons’ demonstrating their knowledge on climate change and its’ effects and about their plans for the race team. Feedback received from the judges was outstanding, Mark Lorch, Associate Dean of Engagement from Hull University stated that “The panel were very impressed with the Sirius Green team’s commitment to the project and hard work in putting together and innovative presentation” His feedback also stated that the judges liked that the teams presentation included some excellent initiative in finance and that they included not just engineering, but business, maths and design elements.

Congratulations to The Sirius Green Team who will be continuing the project and will be working with Greenpower and The University of Hull in developing and promoting their progress.

If any departments would like to propose projects involving the race car please submit to either Julie Carling or Claire Smalley.

Claire Smalley, Coordinator of Business Enterprise and Julie Carling, STEM Coordinator, on behalf of The Sirius Green Team,  would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support in helping the team, it has been an absolutely outstanding result!

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