The Sirius West Sweep at the GEW 2015 Secondary Enterprise Competition

[02 Dec 2015]

On Thursday 19th November, 30 Year 9 Business Students’ took part in GEW Secondary 2015 Enterprise at The Guildhall and competed against 16 other teams.  Students had the opportunity to meet celebrities such as Jive Bunnies Andy Pickles and The Apprentice’s Andy Corbally who shared their inspiring life experience and entrepreneurial journeys with the students. A careers fair was also present and students had the opportunity to network and speak to other people from industries as well as students form other schools including our very own Sirius’ North team!

Many challenges were set and competition was fierce, Sirius West’s students had to dig deep in to their entrepreneurial pockets. The final challenge set by the Sangwin Company to create a new innovative learning unit for classrooms. Many Teams did well and ideas were fantastic.

Sirius West’s Year 9s were the youngest students’ to attend the competition and achieved success; Team ‘Funcation’ with Jackson-Davis Barker, Harry Coulbeck, Nedas Bingelis, Ashley Shannon, Anzelika Rodionova and Megan Gelson placed 6th and 4th place success was achieved by Team ‘Education-Station’ with Hollie Goodfellow, Farrah Drury, Alfie Drury, Bradley Shreeve, Noah Puckering, Alex Rands, Joe Burazin and Elizabeth Collier, brilliant achievement earning each team £100 prize money. Well done!

Claire Smalley would also like to thank Bridie Sutcliffe, Cheryl Welch and Janice Hall for supporting on the day and everyone involved in the day for their support and assistance in making the day a success. Bring on next Year! 

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