The small ship sinks as storm Doris takes the wind from our sails

[03 Mar 2017]

Year 10 Rugby Union: The small ship sinks as storm Doris takes the wind from our sails.

They say thorough preparation makes its own luck, despite lack of preparation we put our luck to the test entering the East Yorkshire Rugby Union Cup after just one friendly. Sirius were drawn against Trinity, a strong team who have dominated this region in Rugby Union for several years.

First half.

The back end of storm Doris caused all kinds of problems for the green and blacks as the strong winds completely killed Sirius’ attacking plays leaving them isolated and reliant on the crash ball. Despite Trinity dominating the first half with the wind on their backs, Inside- Centre Brandon Sargeson stole the ball from the ruck, chipped over the trinity defence and dived over the grubber to open the game with the first try. “Curly Wurly!” exclaimed Mr Provan as the lads celebrated a spontaneous moment of Brandon brilliance! Regardless of the good start, Trinity kept the pressure on concluding with the referee awarding two debatable tries and refusing to acknowledge expert touchline judgement from myself and Mr Provan. The lads did well to keep their heads up after working very hard in defence and having their efforts superseded by questionable refereeing.

Second half.

Down 3 tries to 1 the lads had a small mountain to climb but remained confident with the wind now on their backs. The rucking and support play was fantastic as Jack Bone and Alex Dunne acted as one man rucks batting away the Trinity attacking line. Skilful fly-half Tom Wilkinson (year 9) linked up well with scrum-half Sam McAuley to put Trinity on the back foot throughout the second half. Joe Grant, Jack Wilson-Grey and Joe Aichison were also dominant in midfield putting in the tough tackles and making their opponents work hard to make inches up the field.

Spirits were again lifted when Tom Wilkinson found Taylor Eastwood who stepped and rain-danced his way through the Trinity line scoring in the corner, his blood orange carrot top gleamed as he celebrated a great try. Another Trinity try kept the lads pegged back with a two-try gap but they refused to give up. Isaac Green, Tom Wilkinson, Brandon Sargeson and Josh Cole had several strong runs quashed by the Trinity defence before the lads could finish over the line. The game entered the final 10 minutes when Joe Grant (year 9) demanded the ball whilst running into four Trinity defenders managing to stretch enough to place the ball over the line and score our third try. The conversion was dropped kicked in style by Tom Wilkinson, curling the ball between the posts.

Final score

The final whistle blew shortly after our third and final try. Final score 26-17 To Trinity. A try and a drop goal separate two physically well matched teams. The boys showed great heart and were extremely pleased with their performance.

Man of the match: Joe Grant. Played against the year above but scored a try, made fantastic tackles and offered great support play throughout the game.

Special thanks to Mr Provan for his support, we didn’t get back to the Academy until well after 6pm, but Mr Provan is always happy to help when asked 🙂

Please give the following boys a pat on the back for fighting til the bitter end!

Jack Bone, Joe Michael Layden, Isaac Green, Ben Canves, Jack Wilson-Grey, Joe Burazin, Alex Dunne, Joe Aichison, Sam McAuley, Tom Wilksinon, Joshua Cole, Owen Farr, Brandon Sargeson, Connor Young, Taylor Eastwood, Thomas Borman and Joe Grant (man of the match).

Test link

Test link