#ThisWeekatSAW – 10th March 2023

[10 Mar 2023]

Message from the Head of School:

This week saw our Year 9 parental and option evening take place with nearly 80% of parents attending to support their child’s options decisions moving into KS4. Thank you to all those parents and carers who ventured out in the cold last night to support the event.

I have been incredibly proud to show a number of visitors around the academy this week. Students have engaged with visitors well, showing respect and being polite when lessons have been visited and learning discussed. We also conducted some science lessons for Y6s who extremely enjoyed their time at the Academy and I had the pleasure of attending the Celebration of Voices event to celebrate some of our best Y10 Early Entry speech writers.

Please continue to encourage your child, regardless of their year group to respect their education by working hard, completing their homework and extended learning and by attending any revision or additional sessions they are invited to.

Attendance remains a significant priority for the academy. Please continue to ensure your child is attending the Academy every day to ensure no learning is missed. There is a significant correlation between academic success and attendance.

The Academy continues to be successful with our sports teams and events, please check our Facebook and Twitter socials for an up to date view of all Academy events and visits.

Kind regards,

Gemma Ransom (Head of School)


RESPECT for Community- General Academy news


Year 9 Parents / Carers and Options Evening

Huge thank you to our parents / carers in Year 9 who attend the Options Evening on Thursday. We had over 75% of parents / carers attend to discuss their child’s current progress along with their next steps into GCSE courses.


National Careers Week 2023

Thank you to all the students, parents and carers that embraced National Careers Week at the academy this week.

We hosted our annual Sirius Academy West Careers Fair on Tuesday.

Over 600 students accessing this during the day and more parents and carers attending on the night too.

Congratulations to Kasper N and family. Winner of the vouchers for their participation after 3pm.

Year Group winners for the Careers themed lessons are below.

Year 7 – Eldon I

Year 8 – Lindon J

Year 9 – Denisa L

Year 10 – Evita C

Year 11 – Tirej Z


All students were encouraged to discuss the links from their subjects to different careers and discover the previous jobs of our staff.

Thank you to all the colleges, training and apprenticeship providers, and employers that supported the event.

For more support regarding future destinations, please pop and see Ms Milner in 133.

KS3 Showcase Lessons

Thank you to all the parents that continue to embrace the KS3 Showcase Lessons that are hosted each term.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had parents and carers participating in lessons in History and Art.

Thank you to Mrs Harrison and Mr Rickard for their expertise.

Parental engagement continues to be of huge importance to the academy. We acknowledge the support you provide your children.

We continue to look at ways that parents can be involved in the life of the academy.

After Easter we will launch our Introductory British Sign Language sessions and our inaugural Family Quiz Night.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Literacy Competition

Please see below an exciting opportunity for all students to engage in a city-wide Literacy competition:

(Click image to enlarge)

World Book Day Competition Winners


Please find below the winners of all World Book Day Competitions:


‘Hidden Teacher’

Find the hidden teachers behind the books to win a Love 2 Shop voucher.

Congratulations Adam Abey- Year 11


‘World Book Day Tutor Quiz’

Complete the quiz to win a free breakfast for your tutor group.

Congratulations to:

Winning Tutor Points Day of Breakfast
11-H 40 Monday 13th
10E 34 Friday 10th
9D 37 Friday 10th
8B 33 Friday 10th
7I 16 Friday 10th

‘Decorate A Door’

Congratulations to 8-C for this brilliant homage to the most fabulously fashionable villain! 8-C painstakingly cut out 101 individual dalmatians! What a great effort. Breakfast will be with you on Friday.

Well done everyone- don’t forget to spend your voucher on a new book!


Sporting Successes This Week

The Year 8 Football boys braved the snow to travel to Wolfreton and come back with a comprehensive 6-2 win in the Humberside Cup. This sees the boys move into the Semi-Final. Man of the Match went to Enes O for a tireless display and a superbly taken goal.

Squad- Jake F, Jacob L, Isaac L, Alfie C, Kalub P, Taylor J, Enes O, Rhys H, Clinton T, Jacob L, Ollie B, Ryan W, Henry H, Lennon P.

RESPECT for Education – Lesson 1 Content

This week the students have completed the following tasks in their Lesson 1 lessons. Please discuss with them as we continue to develop the knowledge of our students:

Culture Task

This week the students looked at Jeff Bezos as part of our link to National Careers Week 2023. Bezos is one of the richest people in the world after launching his online book sales business, Amazon and then growing it into the largest online retailer of all products.

Votes for Schools Topic (Key Stage 3 students only)

This week the students discussed the topic of ‘Are young people confident in calling out misogynistic behaviour?’.

Character Education

Character Education is a time-tabled lesson within our Lesson 1 curriculum in which students focus on skills and traits which will allow them to be successful in not only their academic studies but also in other aspects of their life.

This week students have focused on:

Year 7 students have focused on what causes forgetfulness and why note-taking is an important strategy in increasing memory.

Year 8, 9 and 10 students focused on the personal impact of developing your own efficient personal systems.

Year 11 students focused on how positive communication can help support stress and reduce the feelings of it.


RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name Reason for Nomination
Science Leah S
Jaycee G
Bosco M
George T
(All Year 8)

Brilliant effort in science on Wednesday, coming out with excellent examples of what oscilloscope traces are showing.




Amy M
(Year 9)
Going outside of their comfort zone to find out about new opportunities, really great to see.
Science Scarlet O’H
(Year 9)

Extraordinary work with their demonstrate task.



Ryan M
(Year 10)
For producing high quality engineering drawings and showing an excellent attitude to learning.
ICT Amelia M
Brendon W
Mason T
Emanuel C
Bradley S
Jax E
Andrea R
Skye P
Jacob F
(All Year 7)
Outstanding recall on cell referencing and creating formulas using MS excel.

Health and Social Care

Emma C
(Year 10)
For her continued effort and engagement in lessons leading to an assessment score above her target grade.
Travel and Tourism Charlie S
Millie J
Regan L
(All Year 10)

The first 5-star students selected for their fantastic work ethic and achievement in T & T.

Business Enterprise

Miley G
Kabir S
Adam L
(All Year 10)
The first 5-star students selected for their fantastic work ethic and achievement in Business Enterprise.
Lesson 1 Alessia G
(Year 11)

Consistently engaging well with PSHE topics and gives thoughtful answers to all questions.

Lesson 1

Hollie Y
(Year 9)
For once again making links to other lessons, during PSHE she said that to be healthy you need a good (growth) mindset referencing character education from this half term. Well done Hollie.
Lesson 1 Lay A
(Year 8)

For a mature and informative response to this week’s topic which helped the whole group understand the issue.

Lesson 1

Lily-Mae B
Grace M
Isobel A
(Year 7)Jordan S
(Year 10)

All produced winning entries into the British Values poster competition and received L2S vouchers as a reward.

Lesson 1

Dalton W
(Year 7)
Brilliant, detailed answers in Character Education.
Lesson 1 Kordian W
(Year 7)

Always has an interesting response to any question and is always the first to offer to share his opinion.

KS3 Spellings- RESPECT for Education

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be tested each week on a set of spellings. This is to improve their basic literacy skills. We encourage parents / carers to engage in this activity with your child to support their learning. This week’s spellings to be learnt are:


Year 7


  1. Carnival
  2. Permanently​
  3. Successfully
  4. Experienced​
  5. Influence
  6. Identity​
  7. Interpretation
  8. Imagination​
  9. Exotic
  10. Fortune


Year 8

  1. Unscrupulous
  2. Passionate  ​
  3. Austere
  4. Unsympathetic​
  5. Dignified
  6. Equivocal​
  7. Immortal
  8. Patriarchal​
  9. Servile
  10. Enthralling


Year 9


  1. Suffragettes
  2. Pacifist​
  3. Disenfranchised
  4. Disillusioned​
  5. Prejudice
  6. Patriarchal​
  7. Militancy
  8. Negligence ​
  9. Confrontational



Final thought

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 17th March 2023; enjoy the week ahead!

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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