#ThisWeekatSAW – 19th May 2023

[19 May 2023]

Message from the Head of School:

The academy continues to be successful with our sports teams this week with our Year 8 football team earning their way to The Humberside Cup final. A big well done to all involved. Please continue to check our Facebook and Twitter socials for an up to date view of all Academy events and visits and sporting fixtures.

Our GCSE examinations are now in full flow with English, Maths, Science and History students all sitting papers this week. Students must remain the academy after examinations to attend their drop-down timetable. This timetable has been created to place them in revision sessions with our teaching experts directly before their next examination & this places students in the best possible position to achieve and attend their next exam with confidence.

Students do not have permission to leave the academy during the working day and any students choosing to leave will be at risk of being unable to attend the Year 11 Leavers Festival and Prom. Please continue to encourage your child to continue working hard every day. Intervention and revision sessions are on-going every evening and weekend; students should be attending when invited. Please support your child’s next steps in education by ensuring they attend and try their very best in every examination between now and the end of the academic year.

Attendance remains a significant priority for the academy for all students. Please continue to ensure your child is attending the Academy every day to ensure no learning is missed. Next week is the final week before the May half term break and all students need to be attending every day before the holidays begin.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Gemma Ransom (Head of School)


RESPECT for Community- General Academy news

Return after half-term

Reminder that the Academy will open to Year 11, 13 students plus the early-entry Year 10 English GCSE students only on Monday 5th June.

All other students in Year 7, 8, 9 and the remaining Year 10 students will return on Tuesday 6th June.


100% Attendance Rewards

Well done to the 119 students with a perfect 100% attendance record this year!

Students were recognised with pizza at break this week as the Showcase Shed became our very own Pizza Hut.

Over 700 students were celebrated for their 100% attendance since Easter with the chance of Free Break Time Snack Vouchers too.

These remain available from the Attendance Office in 133!

Attendance at the academy continues to be significantly higher than the National and Local average.

Well done!

Parental Engagement – British Sign Language Course

Congratulations to the students, and the parents and carers, that completed our British Sign Language course this week.

Those participating have attended sessions throughout April and May as part of our continued parental engagement offer.

An incredibly valuable skill for a number of students at the academy.

We look forward to providing more opportunities in the summer term.

We’d be delighted to hear from parents and carers about the opportunities they’d like for us to deliver.

We are also on the lookout for any parents and carers with any expertise that they might be able to share!

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Leading Parental Partnership Award – Recognition

Thank you to Ruby and Tyler, and all the parents and carers, that supported with the academy’s Parental Engagement review on Tuesday.

We’re always keen to acknowledge the huge role that parents and carers play in supporting their children at the academy.

The review highlighted the excellent response to the various events that we’ve hosted to increase parental engagement.

KS3 Showcase Lessons, Maths Week Daily Challenges, The Big Family Quiz, British Sign Language courses, Parents Evenings, Careers Fairs.

Thank you!

Sporting Successes

Well done to the Year 7 Rugby girls who travelled across to Malet Lambert and battled hard against a side who have made the National Cup Finals. The game finished in a 4-4 draw with Malet taking the trophy on a golden point try. Player of the match went to Ruby F for her tremendous runs.

The Year 8 Netball girls showed tremendous resilience despite missing two key players when the travelled to Kingswood for their final league match. Lily Hammond took the player of the match award.

Special mention to Libby C and Maddie C (Year 9) who both give up time to coach the and help the girls.


RESPECT for Education – Lesson 1 Content


This week the students have completed the following tasks in their Lesson 1 lessons. Please discuss with them as we continue to develop the knowledge of our students:


Culture Task

This week to recognise our assembly theme of National Walk to School Week, the students looked at Eliud Kipchoge. Kipchoge is a marathon runner who holds the record for the fastest every timed marathon when he ran a specially designed 26.2 mile course in under 2 hours. He has also won Olympic and World Championship gold medals.

Votes for Schools Topic (Key Stage 3 students only)

This week the students discussed the topic of ‘Should we remember the Windrush Generation?’


Character Education

Character Education is a time-tabled lesson within our Lesson 1 curriculum in which students focus on skills and traits which will allow them to be successful in not only their academic studies but also in other aspects of their life.

This week students have focused on:

Year 7 students have focused on sharing places of exercise in the local area and planning where they might be able to access to increase activity levels.

Year 8 to 10 students have focused on the 2nd strategy of their positive self-talk module. They have looked at positive affirmations and using these to make better decisions in moments of crisis or indecision.


RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’

Each Curriculum Area will nominate a student each week who has shown through their lessons that they have met the RESPECT values of the Academy. The reason for the selection is highlighted below:

Curriculum Area

Student Name Reason for Nomination
Geography Samuel A
(Year 8)

Always has fantastic geography knowledge and remembers key information during retrieval quizzes.


Maycee W
(Year 8)
Having a positive attitude to her history work and engaging in debate.
Science George T
Jacob M
Jaycee G
(Year 8)

Excellent work completing practical’s, getting some brilliant results and using scientific vocabulary.


Yessamin E
Logan H
(Year 9)
For following the school’s respect values in every Technology lesson.
BTEC Sport Leo G
(Year 10)

For showing continuous improvement every week. I have seen a huge improvement in his work and attitude. Well done Leo!

Health and Social Care

Amber C For achieving 100% in her Legislation assessment in Health and Social Care.
Health and Social Care Grace F
(Year 10)

For her recall of information on the current unit of work in Health and Social Care.

Health and Social Care

Kiera C
Jasmine C
Alfie C
Kye D
(Year 10)
For achieving full marks on their legislation question in Health and Social Care.
Engineering Jordan S
(Year 10)

Excellent skills demonstrated using 2D design to draw his storage box.

Lesson 1

Maisy S
Ruby P
(Year 8)
Fantastic work in PHSE. They have shown enthusiasm and motivation and taken immense pride in their PHSE booklets. Which they have completed to an excellent standard.
Lesson 1 Alex B
(Year 8)

Alex is always willing to share her insightful, mature opinions whilst being respectful and willing to hear anyone else share theirs.

Lesson 1

Maddie D
Caiden L
(Year 8)
Gave some excellent and insightful advice about dealing with a toxic relationship.
Lesson 1 Liam B
(Year 7)

For knowledge of the food groups and ways to improve physical health for those at risk of illness or obesity.

KS3 Spellings- RESPECT for Education

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be tested each week on a set of spellings. This is to improve their basic literacy skills. We encourage parents / carers to engage in this activity with your child to support their learning. This week’s spellings to be learnt are:

Year 7

  1. Challenging
  2. Scuttling​
  3. Doomed
  4. Wailing​
  5. Grotesque
  6. Misshapen​
  7. Creature
  8. Mansion​
  9. Lurching
  10. Suffocate

Year 8

  1. Orphanage
  2. Impertinent​
  3. Destitute
  4. Imperious​
  5. Altercation
  6. Commiseration ​
  7. Magnanimous
  8. Consternation​
  9. Dexterous
  10. Ravenous

Year 9

  1. Photographer
  2. Transparency ​
  3. Psychological
  4. Chronological​
  5. Uncertainty
  6. Anxious​
  7. Confession
  8. Tactile​
  9. Desensitised
  10. Agonising

Final thought

“The best way to predict the future, is it create it”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 26th May 2023; enjoy the week ahead!

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)