#ThisWeekatSAW – 6th October 2023

[06 Oct 2023]

Message from the Head of School:


This week the academy went into Outer Space for our Year 6 open evening on Thursday night. A fantastic evening which we thoroughly enjoyed hosting.

Lots of work has been completed this week with our careers programme and Year 11. Lots of students have been working with our dedicated careers staff and visiting The Shed on a lunch time to gather advice and meet external providers. If your child is in Year 11 please encourage them to continue having conversations regarding their futures and next steps. We have many different external providers in the academy each week to offer guidance and advice. We are also incredibly lucky to have our own sixth form – The College@Sirius which is our onsite provision and perfect for students wishing to take A Levels after their GCSEs. If your child is in Year 11, please encourage them to have conversations with Dr Rhodes regarding our entry criteria and suite of courses available.

Some new football goals have been purchased for the outside spaces for the students to use and enjoy on their breaks and lunch times and additional games and activities have been added to our Expert Learner area. Students’ learner status is reviewed each half term where the students have the opportunity to gain Expert Learner status and take advantage of the rewards available in the academy. In addition to the Personal Development programme, our pledges are now up and running. Please encourage your child to complete these and have them ‘signed off’ in their planners.

Please encourage your child to continue working on their homework each week and remind them of the facilities available in our Learning Resource Centre: before school, breaks, lunch times and after school to support them in completing this. Data shows students who completed weekly homework, on average, achieved 2 grades higher in each subject in their GCSE examinations.

Attendance remains a significant priority for the academy for all students. Please continue to ensure your child is attending the Academy every day to ensure no learning is missed. Please ensure your child is bringing their water bottle to school every day as we no longer sell water bottles in an attempt to reduce our use of single use plastics. Fountains are available to fill up bottles with water at breaks and lunch times.


Thank you again for your continued support.

Gemma Ransom (Head of School)



RESPECT for Community- General Academy news


Parents Evenings 2023/24

To ensure that parents / carers have the opportunity to prepare for key dates, please refer to the key dates below:

WB- 23rd October 2023- Year 7 Pastoral Evening(s). Guidance regarding this will be released over the coming week.

Thursday 11th January 2024- Year 11 Parents / Carers Evening and Mock Exam Results.

Thursday 1st February 2024- Year 10 Parents / Carers Evening.

Thursday 7th March 2024- Year 9 Parents / Carers Evening and GCSE Options Guidance.

Thursday 2nd May 2024- Year 8 Parents / Carers Evening.

Thursday 13th June 2024- Year 7 Parents / Carers Evening.



Reminder of homework completion check days for each year group. Students must have completed all set SPARX and SENECA in Year 7, 8 and 9 as well as GCSE Pod and any Option subject homework in Years 10 and 11.


Year 7- Thursday

Year 8- Monday

Year 9- Tuesday

Year 10- Wednesday

Year 11- Friday


Please ensure you try to support your child in setting effective routines in when to complete homework. ICT access is available before, during and after school in the Learning Resource Centre. There is a space at the front of the student planner for students to write usernames for log-in.


Rugby Information for the upcoming week

Monday 9th October – Year 7 Boys Rugby Training after school

Tuesday 10th October – Year 11 Boys at home v Winifred Holtby, 4pm KO

Wednesday 11th October – Year 8 Boys at home v Malet Lambert, 2:30pm KO – Boys to leave lessons at 1:45pm

Thursday 12th October – Year 10 Boys at home v Kingswood Academy, 4pm KO


Year 7 Rugby Boys Success

The Year 7 Rugby boys got their careers off to a fantastic start with a 28-0 win over South Hunsley in the Hull Schools League. The win moves the boys near to qualification to the Yorkshire Cup stages.

The team were superbly led by half-backs Harry G and Tyler C.


Year 9 Rugby Boys Success

The Year 9 Rugby boys moved a step closer to securing their qualification for the Yorkshire Cup stages after recording their 2nd successive win in the Hull Schools League with a 30-0 win over Kingswood.

Two tries apiece from Jacob L and Leo M with Ronnie H taking the Player of the Match award.


RESPECT FOR Education- Lesson 1 Content


This week the students have completed the following tasks in their Lesson 1 lessons. Please discuss with them as we continue to develop the knowledge of our students:


Culture Task

This week students looked at Carl Brashear, whose story was re-told in the hit film ‘Men of Honour’. Brashear became the first ever African American person to reach Master Diver status in the US Navy. After an accident whilst serving he then became the first person to return to full active duty as a diver after an amputation.


Votes for Schools Topic (Key Stage 3 students only- This is a debate topic with pre-prepared materials)

This week the students discussed the topic of ‘Are black women’s stories told from our history?’. This debate topic links in with our work on Black History Month.


Character Education

Character Education is a time-tabled lesson within our Lesson 1 curriculum in which students focus on skills and traits which will allow them to be successful in not only their academic studies but also in other aspects of their life.

Year 7 have explored the idea of setting inspirational goals. Looking at their futures and what goals would inspire them to achieve the life that they want.

Year 8 have looked at the categories of learning new skills or ideas and having a positive mental health. They have looked at specific goals to help them with this.

Year 9 have focused on the idea of relentless pursuit of goals. They have explored what this looks and why it is important for them.

Year 11 have begun setting their goals for the remainder of Year 11.



RESPECT for Education- Curriculum Area ‘Students of the Week’


Curriculum Area

Student Name Reason for Nomination
English Taylor J
(Year 9)

Great understanding of the novel Pale and always pushes himself to complete the challenges in class.


Tyler S
(Year 11)
Tyler seems to have ‘woken up’ and has now realised his own potential! I am incredibly impressed with his thoughtful response to a GCSE style question of which was three paragraphs long. It was lovely to see how proud he was and I now know what to expect all the time!
PE Charlotte O
(Year 7)

Excellent gymnastics demonstrations to the whole group and demonstrating expert behaviour throughout the lesson.


Natalie N
(Year 7)
Excellent work in both gymnastics and football this week. Demonstrating excellent listening skills and always tries her best.
PSHE Ethan T
(Year 9)

Great work calculating his incomings and outgoings.


Chloe R
(Year 11)
Really focussed with Careers work. Has submitted applications and has a good attitude towards the process. Just really impressed with her independent motivation to get the best outcomes for herself.
PSHE Lydia W
(Year 10)

For her super contributions this week during the lesson.


Khia F
Alfie P
(Year 10)
Have made an excellent effort with their PSCE booklets and contributed to class discussion with positive ideas.
PSHE Paige T
(Year 7)

Fantastic engagement in PSHE, always ready to contribute good suggestions with a very high level of oracy.


RESPECT Nominations from Class Teachers


Student Name Reward Description
Year 7
Alice K For overcoming her gymnastics fears and giving everything a go.
Alicia M Always listening, always engaging and always upholding our RESPECT values
Esme N Always listening, always engaging and always upholding our RESPECT values
Lavinna N Excellent gymnastics skills and great leadership skills with other students in the group.
Lavinna N Always listening, always engaging and always upholding our RESPECT values
Eda S Excellent work in gymnastics and great leadership skills shown.
Jessica W Always listening, always engaging and always upholding our RESPECT values
Riley Y Always listening, always engaging and always upholding our RESPECT values
Year 8
Rehab A For spending an additional 135 minutes on Science homework
Emma L For spending an additional 70 minutes on MFL homework
Keisi M For spending an additional 130 minutes on English homework
Kristine S For spending an additional 70 minutes on MFL homework
Year 9
Harvey A Produced an excellent fact file about Egypt outside of lessons for his MFL pledge – above and beyond for effort!
Benjamin S Produced an excellent fact file outside of lessons about Norway for his MFL pledge – went above and beyond for effort!
Charlie Andrew W For spending an hour on humanities homework
Year 11
Max F Respect for the community – a general ace student who is always helpful and friendly.
Oliver P Working very hard and diligently in Maths revision
Tyler S Excellent effort in Science
Jack W Working very hard and diligently in Maths revision.


Final thought

“A winner is a dreamer who never gave up”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 13th October 2023; enjoy the week ahead!

Mr A Kay (Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Attitudes to Learning)

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