Top of the league

[21 Oct 2016]

The year 7 boys have fought a tough battle at home against Kelvin hall this evening and learned a few vital lessons.

As always, the Sirius attack was generally on point, our size was the determining factor causing us some problems against the front row of the Kelvin outfit.

The game began with a kick to Kelvin which saw them make 40 yards down the field in just 3 tackles; on the back foot the Sirius boys had to recoup and make some smart decisions to avoid conceding a try early on, and this is what they did in the shape of the smallest lad on the pitch Jack Silvester and his centre Alfie cater-minns; they went us as a double to put the biggest kelvin player out into touch which was an instant relief from a beckoning try from the opponents.

The next 8 minutes of the game was a clear arm wrestle between the teams, as they were both fighting for glory. Kelvin appeared to have the size advantage over Sirius, whereas our boys out smarted the kelvin side in attack through slick handling from Lennie Ellis and Will Furmage who managed to find our forwards in an influential position over the gain line. From these plays, the Sirius boys were slowly gaining yards until they ended up on the Kelvin line from a Bailey Jennison line break; he played the ball quickly to the hooker Sam Hassard who scooted in to score the first try and take the score to 4-0.

From the restart, Sirius were calm and collected as they began the attack with Connor Arnold who led from the front. At the 15 minute point, the steely determination from the boys saw them play some excellent rugby from the back of the rook to send Bailey Jennison charging through to score in the corner and extend the lead to 8-0.

this time from the restart, the boys didn’t manage to handle a short low kick which was forced out into touch where a scrum was awarded to Kelvin just 20M from our line. The call from Kelvin was ‘train’ where they sent in their biggest forward to cause damage; and this is just what he did. Although the Sirius lads met him from a standing start, they failed to take his legs which was the fatal error, and from here, he just kept them pumping to fall over the line and score the first try for kelvin to bring the score to 8-4.

It was from this point, that Kelvin began to display their confidence when going forward with the ball. The call was made again ‘train’, we all knew what was coming and so did the lads, no matter what I told them from the sideline they still didn’t manage to get down for his legs, and the Kelvin forward made his way once again over the try line to level the scores 8-8. Although this time the conversion was made 10-8.

Kelvin began to get a roll on, and with just 30 seconds left on the clock of the first half, the Kelvin halfback threw an enormous dummy which even fooled the crowd, to skip through the line and make it 60M down the pitch. He was destined to score……. UNTIL Bailey Jennison used his pace to catch him and hold him up over the line. From here to the disappointment of the Kelvin coaches the whistle was blown to signal half time.

The second half started as the first one finished. Kelvin scored early on to extend their lead to 14-8; with things looking bleak the lads were on the back foot and were beginning to suffer. The instruction was to be patient and stick to the systems that we know. Low and behold, the lads settled down and Malachi Tony ran with fury to carry 3 lads on his back over the line to score under the posts to bring us within 2 points. the try was converted and pressure was eased as we were level at 14-14.

This wasn’t to be the finishing score as both teams were fighting for glory whilst they were giving Tom Borman (the referee) a headache through dubious mistakes that were questioned by many spectators on the sideline. As the spectators were mumbling, Sam hassard put this to an end through a charging run to score a try out wide and take control of the game.. 18-14.

The game restarted with just 1 minute left on the clock. We knocked the ball on from the kick and it was a scrum to Kelvin on the far touchline, just 3 tackles in and they were within 10M of our line!! Thier halfback threw the ball out to the centre who 1000000% knocked it on and retrieved it to score! and Tom Borman (The referee) awarded them the try! It was all level 18-18 with a kick to come. The crowd fell silent in anticipation; the best kicker for the Kelvin side stepped up and the Sirius boys sighed with disappointment. The kicker lined up the kick perfectly Jonny Wilkinson style, said a prayer and ran up to slot the kick (in his dreams). THE KICK WAS MISSED and the lads got out of jail with an 18-18 draw.

Full credit to Sirius and Kelvin, both teams put on a great display and was clapped off the pitch for their efforts.  

A huge congratulations goes to Tom Borman. He has put himself forward to help out with the team and taken it with pride. He has refereed 3 games for Sirius with confidence and done an excellent job!

A huge well done to the boys who are still unbeaten in the West Hull league and finish top.

Bailey Jennison, Jack Silvester, Tyler Chapman, Jack Moore, Alfie Cater-Minns, Dylan Wilkinson, Alfie Ayers, Charlie Wollons, Fletcher Elliott, Macaulay Medlam, Malachi Tony, Sam Hassard, Lennie Ellis, Will Furmage, Owen Lewis and Connor Arnold

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